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For the host looking to make their next investment property a one of a kind experience for their guests. Good design goes beyond just nice colors and nice furniture.

  • Your renovation & design experts

  • Masters of coordination

  • Timeline developers

  • Your biggest supporter from beginning to end 

Local to West Michigan but serving clients all over the world - lets get your project on books!


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for the luxury host



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Hey ya'll! We are Lily and Cassidy; We are best friends, turned business partners, with a shared passion for creating beautiful spaces. We met in college during our time pursuing our Architectural Interior Design degrees and have been inseparable ever since. After college, we both pursued different career paths in the Interior Design field and still felt like we were missing the mark on our purpose. So we decided to ditch the nine to five life for something that brought greater meaning to our future. A business where we can serve our clients more freely, as well as create that freedom in our own lives. With that said, Savvy was born. 

we are lily and cassidy

We are thrilled with Savvy and their design choices for our short term rental. They went out on a limb and selected a unique theme and we trusted them to make it happen. The results totally exceeded our expectations. Every single piece selected for our home was perfect and we're so happy with the results. When setting up a short term rental, spend the money to hire a design team who will get it done right. Using Savvy to design your home is an investment, and these girls are totally worth it!. We're 100% hiring them again when we purchase our next STR!

Pottebaum   |  Havana Haven

what makes us different than any other design team you could hire?

Imagine hiring a professional, paying thousands of dollars, and feeling like the mark was missed. While it seems like a foundational principal for every interior designer to have education and experience, a lot of people in the industry are self taught, leaving room for error and lack of knowledge. While we are all human and nothing is perfect; we have seen the horror stories. Rest assured, we are here to provide the best experience because we have 8+ years combined in professional design and renovations. We don't take you booking us lightly. Trusting us with your project is a big deal, and we offer a variety of solutions to help you make the most out of your investment. 

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