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Airbnb Interior Design

Our Vision

Be creative, aspire for uniqueness, and inspire the design world.  We want to help Airbnb hosts make the most out of their investment. Our focus is to design spaces that create meaning, are functional in every way, will hold memories, and reflect the lives we all wish to live. Looking to the future, we want this business to be a way to serve the community’s design aspirations and do it well.

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PASTICHE FABRIC, High End, Luxury, Design, Furniture and Decor (1).jpeg
PASTICHE FABRIC, High End, Luxury, Design, Furniture and Decor (1).jpeg

Hey ya'll! We are Lily and Cassidy; We are best friends, turned business partners, with a shared passion for creating beautiful spaces. We met in college during our time pursuing our Architectural Interior Design degrees and have been inseparable ever since. After college, we both pursued different career paths in the Interior Design field and still felt like we were missing the mark on our purpose. So we decided to ditch the nine to five life for something that brought greater meaning to our future. A business where we can serve our clients more freely, as well as create that freedom in our own lives. With that said, Savvy was born. 

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Chase - Kind Words



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