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Do you have beautiful shelving but are at a loss for how to style them?!

Hold up.... there are ways to style shelves that look professional?

YES, and we are here to help!

Styling shelves is one of the top things that people struggle with in their home décor and we hope we can help provide some insight on the topic! Do you feel like every time you open Pinterest there is an overload of these pristine and perfectly styled open shelves? Do you feel like it is so easy to glance at your open shelves in disdain? Have you put everything on them just to take it all down again because it looks too cluttered? If you struggle with making your shelves feel like they are meeting your vision, this blog is for you! How you style your shelves can make or break your space, so we want to provide you with some very easy and straightforward advice to implement.

Here are some of our best tips to make your shelves savvy worthy.

1. Less is more… to an extent.

  • One of the most common mistakes is overdoing it. It is so easy to overwhelm yourself when you see all this open it just makes sense to fill it, right? Wrong. Less is usually more, but you don't want too little where it feels bare. Use negative space to help draw your eye to items or clusters of items on your shelves.

2. Work in groups of threes

  • Grouping items in threes is just naturally appealing to the eye. Look at this example: you’ll see books in threes, frames in threes or candle sticks in threes. Seeing this pattern in combination with the negative space will help your shelves to be absolutely stunning!

3. Layer

  • LAYER, LAYER, LAYER. If you want your shelves to pop, creating different layers like you see here will do the trick. Not only does it give them dimension, but it will also help you stick with the pattern of grouping things. Layers are a game changer in helping you create the perfect look.

4. Add some green

  • Bringing in life is another great styling tip for your shelves. Having live plants brings a whole new element to your shelves. The major thing you have to think about when adding in plants to an open shelf is the type of plant and if your shelves are near enough sunlight for it. If live plants don't work for the area, add in a few faux plants.

5. Tones and Texture

  • Mix and match your favorite tones to keep a cohesive look throughout the shelves. Also adding in different textures like vintage pots, glass frames, blankets or baskets, or hints of metallic or wood is a great addition to any open shelf.

These five tangible tips we hope will be of assistance to you in your shelf styling!

Let us know if these tips help you and if you have any other pain points in styling your shelves. We would love to know how we can make that aspect of design easier for you!!


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