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How to Select the Right Area Rug for Your Space

Do you struggle with finding rugs for your home? Ones that you love and know will make a statement or will simply make your space flow? Than this post is for you, today we are sharing not only some of our favorite rugs but some tips and tricks on how to choose the right ones for you space!

Just like the selection of any item in your home, the amount of rugs available today are in abundance! So how do you choose the right rug for your space you ask? Let's take a look at the key factors that go into the rug selection process!


As designers we often see in rug size selection is that people tend to go with something to large or to small! It is always important to measure your space and know your furniture layout before selecting the perfect rug size! Take a look at these great rug layouts as a basis for selecting the perfect size for your configuration!

The images to the left show how properly to layer your furniture over the rug, the top rugs are in an 8x10 and the lower row shows a smaller 6x9 layout option for your furniture.

Your rug should always be apart of the ensemble as to draw your attention to the grouping, not split the attention between the rug and the furniture.

Larger ensembles require the larger rug sizes, however make sure you measure your room to leave the right spacing around the furniture as well as make sure the rug doesn't overtake the whole room.


Consider all the elements in your design before selecting your area rug! You want your design to have consistency while not matching patterns or colors. The key is to have the design live in harmony. If you want your rug to be a statement piece, try using furniture that is heavier in nature and more neutral, staying away from bold patterns and colors. Let the rug speak for itself.

Chris Loves Julia - Polly Collection

If you want your rug to blend in and be a cohesive part of the ensemble focus your furniture pieces on being the statement. Utilize texture and different pile heights to stay neutral while still giving a wow factor to your simple rugs.

West Elm Rugs

Picking the style of your rug depends on a few things, but first and foremost you should make sure it fits with your overall design style. This is a major component in making sure that the correct style is chosen and that you have consistent look throughout. Another important consideration you should have when making this selection is the amount of traffic it will receive. Higher traffic areas will have a greater affect on the fabric of higher pile rugs than of lower pile rugs. If you have animals or children living in your home, its also important to weigh the option of pile height. Higher pile height tends to capture things like dog hair, snack fragments, etc.

Overall, consider this information when going to choose the rug for your next space!! Now for the fun part, below is a selection of a few of our favorite area rugs out there right now!



Chris Loves Julia Polly Collection - 8x10 $450

Chris Loves Julia Polly Collection - 8x10 $450

Joss & Main - 8x10 $270

Joss & Main - 8x10 $329



Ruggable - 8x10 $258

Ruggable - 8x10 $258

Alexander Home - 5x8 $210



West Elm - 8x10 $670

Ruggable - 7x9 $295

Joss & Main 8x10 $310



Amber Lewis Billie Collection 8x10 $357

Amber Lewis Billie Collection 8x10 $357

Ruggable - 8x10 $310

Loloi II Layla Collection - 9x12 $350



Rodrigue Handmade Flatweave - 8x10 $476