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Have you ever met someone and it felt like you've known them for years? Like you had kindred spirits? You talked like old friends, thought the same things, laughed at the same humor?  The two of us met in college and have been inseparable ever since - and in 2020 we both felt the pull of something more than what the corporate world had to offer. We envisioned flexibility for family, rest, creativity building, and freedom of our time. Savvy Design & Co was born out of wanting to build that for ourselves & ultimately lead by example in helping others create that same freedom through their short term rental businesses.



Do we sound like your kinda people? We are always accepting new clients! So, if we sound like the design team for you, let's dive in!  Thank you for your interest and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

our values

We are a God centered business focused on catering to all luxury vacation rental owner's needs. Our biggest goal is to provide our clients with an experience they will absolutely LOVE from start to finish. Putting YOU first is our main priority and we are dedicated to serving you with honesty and integrity. If you have been searching for a design duo that values your time, your money, and most importantly your sanity - renovations & improvement projects test us all - with Savvy's Team as your guide, we can help you achieve the property you have been dreaming of!

I am a born and raised Michigander, but my heart belongs to a lot of places - traveling is my jam. You can usually find me find me with my third or fourth cup of plain jane black coffee - iced or hot, there is no better way to drink it!  My husband will tell you that I work too much, I always have design on my brain and its hard for me to step away when i'm in the creative flow. I live for quality time with my husband, two pups, and our sweet kiddos though when I am not working. I am that random person walking down the street who will always ask to pet your dog, even if I have never met you. I am known for my love of all things cheese: charcuterie boards, mac and cheese, you name it. If you have ever heard of the enneagram, I am a proud and healthy eight. If you are in my inner circle you know that I happen to be allergic to red wine but that's okay because I am more of a tequila gal if I do say so myself. Fun fact about me, I am the cool twin, but if you ask my brother, he'd say I am lying. Most importantly though, my people and my faith are everything. 

I can't wait to meet you & chat all things design and help you bring your property to life!

"don't fear failure. fear being in the exact same place next year, as you are today."

xoxo lily

meet OUR founders

I always knew I wanted to  be a designer and I am so thrilled to be living my dream and stewarding my passion to help others create their dream spaces. As a creative person, Interior Design allows me to have an endless imagination, as no design is ever the same. Designing a space is solving a problem, and I love the joy of discovering solutions. Aside from design, spontaneous adventures are my love language and I'm constantly finding myself dreaming of the places I want to travel to. Hiking all of the National Parks is on my bucket list! I’m a big foodie, along with my husband, Caleb. We enjoy cooking together and finding the best food spots wherever we may be. We love going to Mexico specifically for the food! *Tacos were non-negotiable at our wedding.* All in all, I find joy in the simple things in life, spending my days with the people that mean the most.

Hey Hi, Hello, I am cassidy, and artistic soul all the way around and llove so many aspects of the  arts along with interior design.

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