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I am a born and raised Michigander, but my heart belongs to a lot of places. I live for quality time with my husband, two pups, and our baby girl. I always have design on my brain; you can find me with a sketchbook when I am sitting in meetings, or when I am not on the go, its one of my favorite ways of winding down.  I am that person who will always ask to pet your dog even if I have never met you. I love all things cheese: charcuterie boards, mac and cheese, pizza, you name it. If you have ever heard of the enneagram, I am a proud and healthy eight. I happen to be allergic to red wine but that's okay because I am more of a tequila gal if I do say so myself. Fun fact, I am a twin. Most importantly though, my family, close friends, and my faith are everything.  



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I always knew I wanted to  be a designer and I am so thrilled to be living my dream and stewarding my passion to help others create their dream spaces. As a creative person, Interior Design allows me to have an endless imagination, as no design is ever the same. Designing a space is solving a problem, and I love the joy of discovering solutions. Aside from design, spontaneous adventures are my love language and I'm constantly finding myself dreaming of the places I want to travel to. Hiking all of the National Parks is on my bucket list! I’m a big foodie, along with my husband. We enjoy cooking together and finding the best food spots wherever we may be. We love going to Mexico specifically for the food! *Tacos were non-negotiable at our wedding.* All in all, I find joy in the simple things in life, spending my days with the people that mean the most.

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